Action Packages

What Are Action Packages?

GHSA Action Packages were created at the first GHSA High Level Event in September 2014, as a means to facilitate regional and global collaboration toward specific GHSA objectives and targets that align with the International Health Regulations (2005). Technical experts from countries around the world established Action Package working groups, with the purpose of focusing international discussion toward specific, coordinated actions in support of the GHSA; highlighting measurable approaches countries can adopt to accelerate, monitor and report GHSA progress; and providing a mechanism by which countries can make specific commitments and take leadership roles in the GHSA.

Since their inception, a number of Action Packages working groups have proven successful in convening policy and technical experts to advance work in specific areas, and certain working groups are being revisited to ensure they effectively contribute to the overarching GHSA mandate going forward. Under GHSA 2024, work will advance under nine Action Package working groups.

How to Create an Action Package?

Please refer to the GHSA 2024 Framework Addendum A  for clear instructions on how to implement a new Action Package.

How to Join an Action Package

If interested in joining a working group, please contact the GHSA Secretariat email at