Sustainable Financing for Preparedness Action Package Working Group


Multiple pandemics, numerous outbreaks, thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars of national income wiped out—all since the turn of this century, in barely 17 years—and yet the world’s investments in pandemic preparedness and response remain woefully inadequate.

Peter Sands, From Panic and Neglect to Investing in Health Security 2018 Report

The current COVID-19 pandemic and numerous outbreaks before now have illustrated the enormous impact infectious diseases have on both health and finance sectors. While we have identified gaps in preparedness, we’re missing the resources needed to address them and maintain capacities to prevent the next pandemic threat. There economic case is clear sustained country-level investments to establish and maintain global health security capacity in support of the International Health Regulations and other global health security frameworks are needed to help prevent and mitigate future infectious disease threats.


The Sustainable Financing for Preparedness Action Package working group was launched in 2019 to take strategic actions for mobilizing global, regional, and country-level resources to achieve sustainable financing for preparedness. The Action Package does this by engaging relevant stakeholders to take coordinated action, contributing to existing efforts and tools, and galvanizing high-level support.  

Strategic Objectives

  • Increase awareness and support for sustainable preparedness financing
  • Support coordinated action in international initiatives, instruments, and frameworks
  • Share and contribute to development of resources and tools



  • Developed landscape scan of existing efforts and resources for preparedness financing.
  • Collected successful country practices, tools and lessons learned for mobilizing resources for preparedness.
  • Analyzed the gaps and various recommendations in preparedness financing that came out in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Contributed to the revisions of the financing indicator in the 3rd edition of the JEE tool and WHO Benchmarks Library.
  • Organized various GHSA-wide roundtable events to share country level perspectives on financing preparedness and inform global efforts.


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