Workforce Development


The Workforce Development Action Package is targeted for one trained field epidemiologist per 200,000 population, and one trained veterinarian per 400,000 animal units (or per 500,000 population), who can systematically cooperate to meet relevant IHR and PVS core competencies in the countries. A workforce including physicians, veterinarians, biostatisticians, laboratory scientists, farming/livestock professionals.


This Action Package seeks to develop prevention, detection, and response activities conducted effectively and sustainably by a fully competent, coordinated, evaluated, and occupationally-diverse multisectoral workforce.

Strategic Objectives

  • Strengthen sustainable public health institutions, structures and systems to support functions of epidemiology.
  • Expand regional and national networks to promote collaboration and maximize efficient and sustainable uses of available resources.
  • Expedite building field epidemiology capacity under Public vs Human One Health approach.
  • Enhance and promote utilizing public health information for evidence-based decision making and resource mobilization at regional and national levels.