Laboratory Systems


The continuing emergence of newly discovered pathogens and of previously undetected infectious diseases highlights the necessity of sustainable national laboratory systems and networks for the detection, identification and characterization of unusual organisms with pandemic potential or regional consequence.

Real-time bio-surveillance through a robust national laboratory system, and effective modern point-of-care and laboratory-based diagnostics is vital to the timely addressing of global health security issues.


This Action Package seeks to establish real-time bio-surveillance through the development and implementation of a sustainable and responsive national laboratory system using effective modern point-of-care and laboratory-based diagnostics.

Strategic Objectives

  • Monitor and accelerate the activities and implementation of the Strategic Roadmap on National Laboratory System Strengthening (2016-2020).
  • Integrate and increase collaborative efforts with other relevant Action Packages, including Antimicrobial Resistance, Zoonotic Disease, Biosafety and Biosecurity, Surveillance, and Workforce Development.
  • Enhance regional and global networking in facilitating resources sharing including experiences, best practices, and resources.
  • Increase national, regional and global awareness and participating by countries and relevant organizations and partners.