Commitments to Deliver Change

Bold, measurable, and impactful actions toward the GHSA 2024 target

Promoting and strengthening global health security are at the heart of GHSA 2024. To date, there have been numerous specific commitments made by the GHSA Steering Group and members that demonstrate political will for the initiative and progress towards achieving the bold GHSA 2024 target. For more information about GHSA member commitments, please refer to the GHSA Commitments Strategy.

Call for Member Commitments

All GHSA members are highly encouraged to make new, specific commitments to GHSA 2024. All GHSA members are encouraged to make multiple types of commitments across thematic areas sent as one singular submission. Commitments should be reviewed and agreed to by the GHSA lead and senior leadership
(e.g., Minister, designee).

Narrative commitments should be submitted using the GHSA Commitments Template Form to the GHSA Secretariat, Submitted commitments will be reviewed by the secretariat and Steering Group prior to finalization and publishing on the GHSA Map Viewer webpage.