Task Forces


Since GHSA’s inception, GHSA members and partners have conducted various activities in an ad hoc way, with limited communication and coordination across the GHSA community. Moving forward, the Steering Group will establish flexible, time-limited Task Forces to advance Steering Group-determined priorities in a strategic and targeted way, while ensuring this work leverages and complements the efforts of partners and other health security actors.

Scope of Work

The Steering Group will determine priority areas for which Task Forces may be established. The Task Forces will implement these priorities, under the strategic direction of the Steering Group. See the “GHSA Reference Materials Library” for priority areas identified for each year. GHSA members may submit a proposal for a possible Task Force to the Steering Group for consideration.


Participation in Task Forces will be open to all GHSA members, including international organizations and non-governmental stakeholders. Each Task Force will be co-led by two GHSA members, as approved by the Steering Group. Task Force leads will consult with participants to determine Task Force structure and participants’ roles. The co-leads will:

  • Represent the Task Force internally (e.g., at Steering Group meetings) and externally (e.g., in engaging with relevant external partners, as appropriate and in coordination with the Steering Group).
  • Recommend the entry and exit of Task Force participants to the Steering Group.
  • Convene and chair meetings (in-person and/or virtual) of the relevant Task Force as required.
  • Monitor and evaluate the Task Force activities.
  • Coordinate the Task Force activities with other Task Forces and the secretariat function.
  • Submit updates on Task Force activities as needed/required to the Steering Group for review one month ahead of Steering Group meetings and/or when requested by the Steering Group.