Accountability and Results


Support active engagement with GHSA stakeholders at global, regional, and national levels and across all relevant sectors to enhance complementarity and leverage their existing work, advancing GHSA priorities in a strategic, coordinated way.

Primary Activities

  • Develop a comprehensive engagement strategy: Compile strategic priorities for the major stakeholder groups involved in GHSA (including non-traditional actors). Include details on available resources and funding gaps.
  • Strengthen multi-sectoral participation: Develop adaptable tools to increase engagement of priority sector/ministries that are absent or minimally engaged in global health security issues.
  • Improve international outreach: Develop strategies to assist GHSA Steering Group members in engaging more effectively with countries and GHSA-wide members in their region or sector.
  • Support Domestic outreach: Ensure sharing of existing and new tools to increase engagement between ministries/sectors within a given GHSA member country, including local/provincial levels.
  • Expand sharing of best practices: Work with Advocacy and Communications Task Force to align messaging for existing health security activities with language that strengthens and advances GHSA priorities.
  • Increase Non-governmental participation: Work with Action Package coordination Task Force and others to increase inclusion of the non-governmental sector in technical- and leader-level meetings/workshops.

Expected Outcomes

  • A clear and time-bound engagement strategy, highlighting opportunities for improved partnerships, new partnership, and other organizations/actors participation.
  • New members participate on the GHSA Steering Group over the next 5 years of the initiative.
  • Ministry or Sector-specific tool-kit/case studies that provide examples, actions, and best practices for how GHSA members have leveraged political, financial, and legislative support both domestically and internationally.
  • A regularly produced update on GHSA activities that can be shared across all relevant stakeholders and government agencies (in coordination with Advocacy and Communication Task Force and GHSA Secretariat).
  • Side events at the Ministerial, and/or other high-level meetings, that highlights the value-add and importance of the non-governmental sector, local government, and community-level partners in GHSA.