Advocacy and Communications


The Advocacy and Communication Strategy Task Force will provide strategic direction for increasing awareness of the GHSA 2024 outcomes, action plan, and implementation activities by providing guidance and resources to assist relevant entities (e.g., GHSA Steering Group, Secretariat, and other key stakeholders) with implementing outreach and communications strategies. A consensus strategy for advocacy and communications will facilitate coordination and clear understanding of GHSA activities among GHSA members and partners and will support the goal of ensuring that global health security remains a global priority.

Primary Activities

  • Develop a strategy for GHSA communications with internal and external partners.
  • Develop an advocacy strategy to promote sustainable financing, including the non-governmental sector who can support local advocacy and communication, with a focus on increasing domestic funding within GHSA countries by working with relevant partners such as the Stakeholder Engagement and Accountability and Results Task Forces.
  • Develop outreach materials and activities in multiple languages to promote the values and vision of GHSA and effectively convey GHSA’s contributions to global health security goals.

Expected Outcomes

  • Compile and organize current communication resources logically for countries and other stakeholders to ensure awareness of existing resources and identify gaps within an environmental scan that informs future material development.
  • Develop key messages and packaging on rationale for implementing the GHSA 2024 Framework, as informed by set of diverse stakeholders, including documents outlining communication among internal and external GHSA partners.
  • Strategy for enhancing capacity of local actors to support the prioritization and financing of national planning through rational economic justifications and advocacy.
  • Launch of messaging campaign and release of final package.
  • Awareness building session focused on the final key messages package and accompanying implementation plan at the next GHSA Ministerial:
    • Raising awareness of the messages package and its use
    • Policy questions and evidence pairing
    • Sharing best practices and lessons learned based on results from initial roll-out.